The Summon

by Roxane LeCorre

I stood upon a Mountain peak
Breathing in my fresh reward
When rustling Leaves began to speak;
Sweet Springs begged to be adored.

I felt that rush of satisfaction,
But Far-off Oceans called: “Press on.
Re-awaken that sleeping passion!
Too long, now, have you been gone.

You’ve neglected a sacred charge;
You’ve ignored Mountain and Sea.
You forgot us, in that large,
engrossing distant city.

We have been here, we have waited,
For your calm contented presence.
We had not truly expected
Such a long, unexplained absence.

Was the company so absorbing, flwr
You could not come to us once?
Do you think you learned to love
As you could not here have done?

Did you truly feel alive.
Without us around to live for?
Did you think you could survive,
Knowing what we were, before?

Remember when all seemed wrong
And all of life seemed harsh and blunt,
The comfort of the Ocean’s song;
The peace found at the waterfront.

Though so, so long it has now been
Since you put life aside to rest,
You need us just as much as then.
So let us phrase our one request:

We don’t ask that you ignore
Whatever life you’ve learned to live.
Just, perhaps, think of us more.
Come back to us, return and give.

Because, in truth, what can we do,
If you forget that we exist?
We cannot be there for you
If you yourself do not insist.”

Roxane LeCorre once planted turnip seeds, and then a bundle of poems popped their heads up and sprouted from the soil.