The October dusk sets the whole flat on fire

by Štěpán Nosek
Translated by Matthew Sweney & Tereza Chocholová

The October dusk sets the whole flat on fire
book spines, sharp contours, blazing—
all the same,
you stand cracked between the doors
water boiling on the shelf
you’re smoke, which quickly vanishes.

The old woman, mad woman, on public property
reaching for apples like crazy,
doesn’t see a head above her
the crown is already burning.
Once she grabs the next branch
the flames will grab her, for some time.

Štěpán Nosek, born 1975 in Prague. Published two collections of poetry, Negativ (2003) and Na svobodě (2011). Translates modern Irish poetry (Conor O’Callaghan, Louis MacNeice etc.).


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