Suicide Drink

by Niklas Lollo
Have you tasted the greatest drink?
Surely you must.
If you haven’t
it’s time we discussed

The steps of the recipe
are as I’ll say
Go into your pantry
and return with every spice on a tray

Now bring out all the liquid and sauce
from deep in your fridge
Quit your worries
of each, we’re only using a smidge

Go into the cupboard
and select a pitcher
Now we are ready
to prepare the mixture!

A base of 7-up
A dash of horseradish
Turmeric and ranch and
we’re not close to finished!

Cumin and lemon and peanut butter too
basil and oregano and something blue
Oh what’s that? Broth from the stew!
Sure, let’s try something new!

You’ve blended some spinach
and that’s great
Don’t grimace,
I just made it au lait!

With the end near
We blend with conviction
This is what I like to call
Concoction ticklin’

Now it’s all done
ready to drink
time for the real fun
And look! This time it’s pink!

Hey! Where are you going?!—
I can tell by the stink
This is the best time I ever made
The suicide drink

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