Hello, breakfast friends! Oatmeal is currently accepting submissions for Issue 11, ROASTMEAL: The Rage Issue. We are all about feelings at Oatmeal HQ, and spaces for anger and rage are especially important right now in this world. So, send us all your flames and knives and rage and tears and agro vibes! Roast shitty people and systems and tell us about when you discovered and named your own anger, and send us poems from when the world feels like too much, and maps of the scorched earth your relationship left behind and lists of things you would incinerate if your hands could turn into fireballs. Send us everything! Fuck it up! Submission deadline is September 10th (please note! we extended it). We can’t wait to read what you submit.

We’re looking to publish all forms of writing that make us feel things — poetry and prose, journal jottings, open letters, recipes, vague piles of mush. Send your stuff our way! We are all eyes. Literally, we’re just piles of eyeballs.

How to submit:

Send an e-mail entitled Oatmeal Submission with a .doc or PDF attachment to:

oatmeal dot magazine at gmail dot com

You can send as many submissions as you want. Really, we will read anything and everything. Oatmeal may be meat-free (most of the time), but boy, are we omnivorous editors!

No longer than 10 double-spaced pages, please.

We will let you know if you’ve been accepted before the issue is released. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, feelings, or dad jokes, please email us at the address above!