small thoughts

by Ivonne Arias

politics and poli-talks
count the second closer.
slinging mud,
“he’s a dud!
i’ll do what i’m supposed ta.”

it’s been done before
for zillions of scores,
but now more questions than ever!

what about my ma?
she’s old and has prescriptions.
what of my gay son?
can he marry without restriction?

my niece goes to school full-time.
will she ever have a dime?
my kids’ school gets no funds.
will they have to grow up dumb?

“let’s swing some states!”
say candidates.

raising the bar,
rocking the choice
from left and right.

we’re expected to choose
from the small few
but what if we had two presidents,
double the ‘house residents?
they’d fight and quarrel,
contesting morals
with liberty and justice for all.

but maybe they could compromise.
just a thought.

Ivonne Arias puns with the alchemical finesse of Rumpelstiltskin.