by David Getman and Lara Sarkissian

In Michel Chion’s words, the acousmêtre is a voice detached from a face, “a kind of talking and acting shadow…an entire image, an entire story, can thus hang on the epiphany of the acousmetre” (L´Audio-Vision, 1990). For this piece, we begin with Chion’s theory: the intrigue of a sound or voice before it aligns with a visual, and creating expectations through sound for what one will eventually view. Whereas directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang used the technique to heighten suspense, ‘Pan’ demonstrates the acousmêtre as a jumping off point to explore themes of Copenhagen’s urban growth, decay, spread and sanctum in the contemporary moment. When sound is disrupted from source, how do we begin to perceive a setting or a body? What allows us to make sense of both visual and aural information, when sound and image are not in sync? ‘Pan’ asks how we perceive an elegant structure which unexpectedly crops up in an abject part of town.

PAN from Lara S. on Vimeo.

David Getman and Lara Sarkissian are the cheese and ham to Copenhagen’s toast.