September 6, 2011

Testing the Mixed Media Waters

It’s time for you all to come up through the hawse-pipe, our dearest, oatiest deckhands!

Oatmeal Magazine is about to rock the literary magazine boat. We are blogging here today to offer a nautical music video of inspiration, one that will guide your sputtering tugboat through the fog to its snug, cozy berth. Michael Litwak, a third-year film student at NYU Tisch, has bestowed upon us a chest of Oatmeal at Sea gold. Collaborating with Santa Cruz-based band The Nocturnes, he wrote and directed this haunting video of a boatswain imagining the wild life, perhaps of his former days, aboard and tumbling about tumultuous waves. Fantasies rise from muck and settle back into the mire of his troubled mind for this beautifully eerie song “Cradle”.

Keep up the good work, Michael!

Remember folks, Oatmeal at Sea is on the horizon! SEPTEMBER 18TH — send us your yarns, stay tuned to your maritime radios.

Your most loyal skippers — through delusions, swamps, and beyond,

The Oatmeal Dames

August 11, 2011

Ahoy, Swashbucklers!

August 2, 2011

Back from Vacation

Heyello, oaty people! We’ve just spent the past couple of weeks recuperating from the first issue release, reveling with Mr. Oatmeal in his most extravagant ways — lolling in the Caribbean sun, drinking Bahama Mama Sunrises from excavated pineapples and twisty neon straws, slurping oatmeal stout from each other’s bronzed navels. A tropical slice of heaven. What a life our noble mascot leads. Who could have seen such zeal for karaoke behind those lacy cuffs! That monocle! 80’s ballads are his specialty.

But, alas, now that we have returned several shades darker and thoroughly massaged, we must face a grittier reality: one of the enshrouding Berkeley drizzle, the looming, sopping wet cloud of the school year, the unwavering pressure to live up to our first issue. But have hope, dear friends, Oatmeal will light the way. We will nourish you, we will please you, we will wrap a blanket around your shoulders to keep you from catching cold as the leaves change color and our second issue, Oatmeal at Sea, nears. It will be the best autumn of our lives. Especially if you warm us up with a trough sloshing and steaming with the gruel of your most soul-nourishing, whole-grained writing and doodles.

Here are some future projects we have lined up:

1) The next issue’s deadline: Now that we have our first issue published already, we’re timing our next so that you actually have a chance to write for the magazine! The submission deadline will be September 18th, with more information to come.

2) The Oatmeal Tour: As the new semester starts, Claire and Trisha will be presenting our magazine and submissions deadline to English, Comp Lit, and random other creative writing classes. But help us not be pigeon-holed! If you have an interesting class with a laid-back professor, do e-mail us with the time & place so we can show up there too.

3) Bathroom publicity: The best kind of publicity. It’s a surprise, but we will say that you might find the idea of camping out in campus bathrooms pretty tantalizing once they’re spruced up with some fine cultural entertainment. . .

4) Podcast!!!: A really wacky idea that may actually work. Since we can’t really offer you an issue every month (we learned that quickly), we endeavor to fill the awkward silence between issues by making podcasts, about breakfasty things, of course. Our first podcast is going to be released on September 2nd.

5) Release party and FUN-raiser: Let’s face it. Mr. Oatmeal’s pretty broke. But Mr. Oatmeal also likes to party. So we’re going to host an Oatmeal party and bakesale in early October. Somewhere that’s really hot and happenin’. Come and join the fun!

July 20, 2011


BREAKING NEWS. Mr. Oatmeal here, typing during the wee hours of the night to convey to you this very special message.

As you may have known, it’s been a very hectic 24 hours here at Oatmeal HQ. Commanders in Chief Claire and Trisha have been scrambling to put together the finest works (created by a lot of you!) known to man, works that will not only withstand the test of time but the test of cyberspace itself. It’s been a long long road of wordpressing and doodling, but as RAW OATS!: ORIGINS comes straight off the digital press and into your welcoming lap(top), we couldn’t be more proud.

In this first issue, you will find narratives of pensive mornings, drifting afternoons, and quiet sunsets; you will find love, loss, and unlikely friendship; you will find elation, you will find wonder, you will find a corncake recipe, you will find how to move.

We encourage you to get lost in the maze we’ve made, and to click to your heart’s desire. We extend our hearty thanks to all of the contributors to this issue, who had to put up with frazzled responses, arrogant editorialship (sorriez!), and the insertion of sometimes-fitting, sometimes-breakfasting doodles into your pieces.

What’s going to happen from here? Well, we hope to continue our quest to share the oatmeal. We will always be looking for submissions and for suggestions, for tips and tricks of the trade, for new oatmeal recipes, for facebook friends. But without further ado, we present to you


Featuring work by:

Roxanne Glick, Rory Meagher, Claire Stringer, James Piacentini, Travis Bill, Teddy Forscher, Aubrey Brickzin, Matt Senate, Stacey Uykimpang, Alex Taitague, Ivonne Arias, Katie McCarthy, and band of anonymouses.

What are you waiting for? Click away!

July 6, 2011

Currently Digesting Submissions!

Well, things are all abuzz here at Oatmeal Headquarters. The submission deadline just passed for the first issue, entitled RAW OATS: ORIGINS! (But no worries, we’re still actively looking for your flash fiction, poetry, recipes, anecdotes and doodles. Send them our way at!) Yes, it seems that Independence Day has brought us an abundance of literary mishmash for us to sink our teeth into.

In the next couple of weeks we plan to go into hibernation, in order to read through and organize the next few monthly issues. We’ll still be replying to e-mails, updating the Facebook and tweeting on Twitter, so if you need some friendly oatmeal advice then look no further! In the meantime, sit back, eat some gourmet popcorn, and wait for the release of


JULY 20, 2011

Brought to you by Oatmeal Magazine,

A Literary Breakfast of Champions


Oatmeal Magazine

June 17, 2011

Our first flash (non) fiction prompt: ORIGIN STORIES

Greetings, fellow lovers of warm cereal, fun, and all things oaty and wholesome!

We’ve been celebrating Bloomsday here at Oatmeal Headquarters, or mostly just drinking Guinness and brainstorming for the future of the magazine, our plans for a brighter tomorrow, our dreams and aspirations of going platinum in the realm of college zines. We’d like you all to test out our first flash fiction/non-fiction prompt while we, too, get started mashing together this nutritious, delicious, gourmet slop of a journal!

To cultivate and entwine our (contributors and editors) two seemingly different paths–or plots of the most fecund soil erupting with oats!–at the same time in the same place, you folks should cook up some origin stories.

They can be quick jottings, like those mornings when you wake up late and need breakfast and you pour instant oatmeal and hot water into a plastic bag. It happens. And can be pretty delightful! We dig all flavors and phases of oatmeal. And if you want to let it simmer for a little while, that too would be very warmly received.

Here’s where ya submit! We’ve included a list of suggestions that is far from comprehensive.

Full of chocolaty stout,
Ladies of Oatmealshire

June 4, 2011

Launching a Magazine: Shootin’ the Sh**

Hey, Trisha here.

We’re really excited about the launch of this blog/literary mag, and we’re glad you’ve come to join and watch this electrifying attempt to get an online (and offline-ish) literary magazine up and running. I say electrifying not because this process is going to be particularly exciting or spectacular, but I say it because Claire and I don’t really know what the crap we’re doing. And given our award-winning personalities (less like Sonny and Cher; more like Piglet and Eeyore) and partiality towards clumsiness, who knows–we might indeed be electrified along the way.

Claire and I met in a creative writing class at UC Berkeley, and have been dreaming about a literary magazine ever since Claire wrote a shockingly hilarious piece about a woman who finds self-love in the ears of her rabbit-shaped vibrator. You see, we envisioned a magazine that wouldn’t think twice about publishing stories like this (even though it should…). The magazine we dreamed about would be full of hilarious fiction, seriously quirky essays, passionate odes to fruit, and more. It would be a receptacle for our most embarrassing marching-band-locker-room sex stories, 2003 livejournal rants, middle-school hopes and fears set stolidly against the anguish and loserdom of today. We want to write (and read) about the things we do in our daily lives, magnified to a sarcastic and an endearing light. What’s beautiful and true, and also ridiculous.

So how do we go about this? Well, hell if we know. As I write this blog entry, Claire’s busy drawing our logo and illustrations. I’m writing a goal-timeline doodad. We’re figuring out how to make ourselves into an actual campus-sponsored org. We don’t have any money but we have lots of ideas: we’re thinking of posters, oatmeal-eating contests, anonymous joke boxes, anything and everything! We’re dreamin’ big and starting really small.

Pretty soon we’ll be moving to a more official website domain. In the meantime, if you subscribe to this blog, you’ll get your literary fill, and you’ll be notified about our mini-contests from time to time. (Exciting!)

If you’d like to write or report about something you care about, some new event or book that fills you with joy, then by all means e-mail Claire and Trisha at and we’ll share it with the world. We aren’t that special, but we do have heart! And that’s all that really matters in this tiny vacuum of a wordpress blog, now, isn’t it?


May 19, 2011


Finally, a literary magazine for the faint of heart! Rather than those uppity literature students with fake British accents and penny loafers.

We at Oatmeal Magazine are looking for your crudest doodles of coffee shop strangers, your most heart-wrenching ballads about spilt cereal, your story ideas, jokes, and whims that you drag beyond the proverbial line, frolic with, harass, and beat into their graves. We want your grit, your fervor, your wit, your flaws. Serve us your words on a platter of steaming flapjacks moist with the butter and syrup of your seething genius brains, and we will throw them back with a mug of scalding black coffee, fueled by our raw desire and keen editorial eyes.

Editors and contributors will form the heartiest connections as we constantly satiate one another’s salivating palates: Send in your work to assuage our appetites, and we’ll publish a magazine to satisfy yours!

May 12, 2011


Have something funny, fun, or embarrassing to say? Or perhaps some old (or new!) writing — fragments of adventure stories, memories of your childhood pet goats you’ve woven into a poem, melancholy high school journal entries, noted aspirations just lying around, waiting to be heated up and garnished with brown sugar and raisins? Maybe you’re wondering what in the WORLD you can do with your mixed media collages, photos of your most (or least) exotic meals, or obsessively detailed line drawings of wrinkly hairless cats?

We want ’em all! Sort through your figurative (or literal!) box packed to the brim with fiber-full oatmeal potential that may lurk in the back of your closet, and cobble something together. If these bits of yours have yet to be stuck in the slow cooker at all and haven’t come to oatmealy fruition, that’s okay, you have time!

Give Oatmeal your grits! Submit by July 4 for our first-ever issue!