Oaty friends!

If you often bewail the dwindling zeal for the Postal Service and all of its papery romance, well, we have some excellent news for you! You are a perfect candidate for OatMAIL. toast We can’t guarantee that we’ll use USPS over our carrier peafowl, but we WILL send you some scraps of writing, doodles, prints, and odds and ends that we find amusing or worth sharing. If you would like to contribute such things to be slipped into our batches of mail and copied for many other wonderful people like you, don’t hesitate to send some offerings along!

Expect a parcel brimming with curios and sealed with fiber sometime around your birthday and maybe some other times in the year. Master Oatmeal will of course have a hand in all of this, so prepare to frame some amazing letters from the breakfast pun wizard himself. And we promise to keep all of your information completely confidential! We are incredibly trustworthy.

Thank you so much for your interest in OatMAIL. We can’t wait to fill your mailbox with whatever we can fit into an envelope.

Go OatMAIL or go home,
The OatMAIL Assembling Team