I’m unemployed

by Niklas Lollo

I’m unemployed and
everyone seems quite annoyed
Because apparently,
Graduation is not a celebration
without a vocation to take the place of your education
… don’t you want paid vacation!?!

So, I’m now 22
graduated but not celebrated
because without a job,
what the fuck are you?!

Well… I’m a poet! I’m a vulture!
I’m a slice of youth culture!
My heart you can’t rupture and
my soul you can’t puncture

I’m a rabbit out the hat! A magician’s trick!
I’m trying to make the clock stop on tic!
My mind is occupied with knowledge
but I won’t rest til my heart finds solace
I won’t take a job that’s false
I’m unemployed and everyone seems quite annoyed
and No, I’m not expecting any calls

I confess to not know the calculus of a life richly lived
but I’d rather stick a rusty shiv
in my foot! and have a dragon suck
tetanus out my root.

And you know what?
It’s all through me
I can’t simply be angry and believe it I’m not
I gotta be my anchor fused into Gibraltar’s rock
because external expectation paranoia will never stop.

No doubt I can be tempted by money and sloth isn’t sustainable
but my life won’t be a fable written on another’s table
Just to give me a seat, success isn’t that neat

I take initiative to follow a different path
Daring to attract ire and wrath,
I fire back,
My plans will be made when my life I wouldn’t trade
for iced cold lemonade on a Death Valley day

So now.. I’m a page in a book!
A predator on the look!
A squirrel turned into a crook!
A glass of orange juice that tipped but never shook!

I plan to turn social predetermination into an historical indoctrination
Freedom from appropriation is how I conceive the health of a nation
Supporting freedom from fear and the courage to keep chasing
Intuition is the best guide on the route to placement

Cause what’s inside needs to be unleashed
the sword unsheathed
or life won’t be breathed
Come on.. the world celebrates people who disrupt the scene!

Don’t deny or decry that which infiltrates my mind
I like it and in time, through a great search and try
It will be the best gift
and it took no money to buy.

So I’m unemployed
and everyone seems quite annoyed
but I’m making certain
that my life by choice is a success I enjoy.

Niklas Lollo:

If I had a pocket, I would put Niklas in it.


Wherever you go, there Niklas is.