High Sierra Summer Meditation

by Jonathan Pyner

Who exhales rushing winds?
Whispers through white fir shoulders
Gentle breeze breaths
Shhh,        listen

Tree top shadows shown
dancing under sunshine
celebration for C02
humble laughter heard in their haaa
Hush humans
Inhale oxygen


Wishes mystify my lips
to emulate tree breath messages
meditation in a morning lit meadow
I focus on familiar breath

Clean dry oxygen invades my airway
with an addictive forceclg
carving my lungs with smells
sniffed only in the Sierras
High altitude cocaine breeze
cultivates bloody nose
Experimentation with crisp morning air
sharp as needle point.

I approach Schneider Creek
submerge myself in high mountain snow melt,
cold pushes me out
like the water’s unwanted guest
Inward breath
Too abrupt to be from the forest

Can’t I recognize my difference?

I cannot put forth
shocking gusts
ensuring balance in hot and cold
Shaking whorls of leaves
around the whole world

I cannot speak
or write
the shhh haaa whhh
so elegantly that they merge

So I venture often to the forest
Seated on pine needles among miles of trees
listen to their breath
share my own
we know each other well

Jonathan Pyner mixes pine needles and mud into his oatmeal.