Fact, by Anonymous

There’s something strange about being an infant. Despite the fact that we cannot remember our births, it seems that those close in age to babies can empathize and communicate well with them, perhaps because they can remember what it was like to be that age. I was also told that my brother, who is two years older than I am, was able to interpret my cries and relay their meanings to my mother to cease my wailing.

Around the age of ten, my neighbor Camille and I conversed about our experiences as infants. She told me that she was able to speak French as a toddler. Camille was not raised by a French speaking nanny, nor did her parents have any understanding of the language. She had no exposure to it whatsoever. Her knowledge disappeared when she learned English. So where did this proficiency come from? She believed she was reincarnated, and was French in her past life.

I’m still affected by these stories. These inexplicable things that weren’t taught to us in school, that weren’t spelled out for us. Things that I had once regarded as truths, that I had put full faith into as an innocent, “naive” child, have over time begun to fade into unanswered, unimportant coincidences. Or probably perfectly explicable through logical procession of events. My brother could’ve guessed why I was crying, and lucked out. Camille could’ve watched a French movie with a babysitter, and began spouting random words she heard on the screen. As we grow older, we reason away every occurrence in life. Life is no longer filled with infinite potential, and our fear of the unknown prevents us from believing such mysteries exist. The supernatural within in life starts to fade and disappear due to our own human domestication from society. Until you look into the eyes of new born baby, and see all of that love and light radiating from that brand new package of plump and soft skin. Those big bright eyes uncontaminated from fear, that toothless smile, the tiniest fingers–all the possibilities of humanity exist within that miniature being. You remember that was you, and realize what happens to that child in the future seem beyond reason, beyond conditioning, beyond fear. It’s up in the air. What manifests itself from there is pure magic.

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