Esther Finishes a Painting

by Tom Filer

it’s wild in the canyon
there are words for the canyon
she cries out to the canyon
outraging the hawks
outscreaming the eaglescrt
stampeding the deer
who cannot outrun her voice
the raccoons are retreating
the skunks are on the march
but in her sudden joy
she scoops them up
and shows them her sky
in her joy
she straddles the canyon
and the next
to the far peaks and the distant sea
in her joy
she joyously prepares
to outrage
the earth with love

Tom Filer was a world traveler, teacher, and writer of novels, short stories, screenplays, and poetry. He lived in Santa Monica Canyon, where he was an avid hiker and ran the Goat Alley Writers Workshop. He died in February of this year.