Doodle Corner

A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: While Master Oatmeal was sailing somewhere in the Balearic or whereabouts, he stumbled (rather, snorkeled) into a ship full of decayed graphite pencils, coloring books and wooden figurines ceremoniously impaled onto sticks. What could it all mean?–thought Master Oatmeal, as he swam past cabins and cabins brimming with such artifacts. It wasn’t until he found a sea-stained notebook containing sketches of men with distorted torsos, limbs, and appendages coming out of their anuses that Master Oatmeal realized it was, in fact, a postmodernist pirate ship. Desperate to share his discovery with the world, he jumped on the back of a friendly dolphin and rode back to the ship.

The following sketches were from that very ship.

– Doodles the courtesy of Adam Storer.

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