by Pablo Beimler
Every bite of food I eat is a delicacy,

As it dissolves in my mouth via entropy.

Whether from plant or animal or grown from a tree

The attraction to thee comes unconditionally.

To poison my body would be heresy

So out! with the trans-fat, and in with goji.

For the body is a temple, the hive for the bee,

And to ignore its needs, simply desecrates me.

To link the mind and body spiritually

Requires none other than food that was meant to be.

So, back to the shadows of the university!

The monsters that were spawned genetically.

(This is not to curse those with ingenuity,

But why not use it be more earth-friendly?)

I simply wish to enjoy a meal with uncorrupted intimacy,

And fulfill a love affair that’s far from udder fantasy.

Pablo Beimler is the Mary Poppins of stir fry chefs. An expert on fire prevention and skiing, he is a master of the elements.