Oatmeal Magazine: A Literary Breakfast of Champions hatched from its strangely speckled and lopsided egg in the summer of 2011, and was nursed by Trisha Remetir and Claire Stringer until summer 2015. The team has since grown into a mighty band of five fiercely affirming and tender-hearted babes, with the additions of Ali Giordani, Holly Sanderson, and Roz Sternberg. Oatmeal is the kind of friend who makes you tea and brings you chocolate and texts you, “you are my heart!” when you’re feeling sad, and Oatmeal is all about building self-confidence in artists and validating your feelings and making space for you to heal and thrive and share your heart and make friends. And it’s about having fun and nourishing the world with some wonderful writers’ words. And it’s also here for people who really really like their cereal and eggs all kinds of ways and breakfast puns, too.

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Claire Stringer draws all of the illustrations for Oatmeal and sometimes posts her stuff on her tumblr. She is a bookseller and a far cry from a morning person, but she has eaten oatmeal almost every morning for 5 years, and honestly there is no end in sight.
Ali Giordani is a part-time perfumist who believes in the healing power of lavender bath salts and Zayn Malik. They love glitter, writing, and the excavation of emotions.
Holly Sanderson’s first dream was to grow up to be Han Solo, and not much has changed since then. In their spare time, they worship bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Dean Spade, and Gloria Anzaldua. They love cooking for their friends, and love telling really cheesy jokes (even though they are lactose intolerant).
Roz Sternberg told a lot of people she was the inventor of “spaghetti eggs” until someone kind filled her in about shakshuka. She serves as the the official commissioner of a March Madness bracket pool for uninformed sports fans, and welcomes your participation.
Trisha Federis loves bean and cheese burritos. When she is not thinking about Oatmeal, she thinks about sweet potatoes, and occasionally posts about literature and place on her blog, aworldlyword.