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May 17, 2017

OATFEELS: the tender issue! this saturday!

helloooo, everyone !

holy waffles, it’s been almost a year (oof, only a year?) since we last posted here, so we won’t even try to fill you in on what’s happened since then because… we’ve all aged at least 50 years, and we don’t know where to start (or really feel the need to try) !

anyways. ROASTMEAL: the rage issue is a stunning fireball we can’t stop looking at, and you should all get a copy if you don’t have one yet!

moomin + roastmeal

(just gonna add the event flyer too, in the name of posterity and fun)

roastmeal flyer!!

and! we have a new issue coming out this saturday, OATFEELS: the tender issue. it is BEAUTIFUL and TENDER and will make you WEEP and FEEL THINGS very deeply. we hope you all will come celebrate with us at our favorite EM Wolfman Books and listen to a gorgeous reading by our incredible contributors, and dance to magical dreamboats SPELLLING and Collander, and you know, cry with us!

oatfeels party flyer! 3

huge thanks to our super talented friends at IRRELEVANT PRESS for printing this issue on pink paper and riso printing the covers with blue ink on brown paper !! we are so proud of this issue and grateful to everyone who has been part of it.



see you saturday to celebrate community and tenderness and art and friendship!

love and endless feelings,
the oatmeal babes