Join us April 17th for the release of TOTEMEAL: The Baggage Issue!

To our ever loyal, most worthy, and glamorously-outfitted Oatmeal friends,

Ah, we sure love April, don’t you? It’s the end of tax season, the start of spring. Flowers are blooming, cats are coupling; and whoa hey we are still in a serious drought.

T.S. Eliot once called April the cruelest month, but to that we say: yeah right! It’s all about perspective, friends. We have spent the past few months moving the boxes in our minds from one dusty room to the next, reorganizing — nay, redefining — what Oatmeal means to us. Lately, it means peddling copies of our magazine to bookstores around the country, managing a fundraiserand looking forward to our Breakfast 4 Dinner readings all month, every month.

But onto the future: the print release of Issue #8, TOTEMEAL: The Baggage Issue, is nigh! We were utterly bowled over by this rich batch of submissions and have spent many a sleepless night thanking our lucky stars and wondering how best to fill our bulky tote sacks (not unlike our giant mugs) with so many magnificent and intricate bits. (Think: Tetris!) Our carrier hedgehogs have run Issue 8 to the press this week, and we couldn’t be more excited. This hearty bundle of writing bares the deepest, darkest, sweatiest parts of the human condition — similar in taste to that renegade date hiding at the bottom of your breakfast bowl. So. Without further ado!

totemeal release flyer 2

You are cordially invited to 
Oatmeal Magazine’s Issue #8 Release Party
TOTEMEAL: The Baggage Issue!
Friday, April 17th, 8pm
E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore
410 13th St., downtown Oakland
free / $5 donation for a copy
Facebook event is here.

Details are still being ironed out, but here’s a taste of what you can expect from this AMAZING night:
– Wonderful readings!
– An open mic!
– Music! by East Bay band SHRAD Dog
– Drinks & hors d’ouvres (feel free to bring more!)
– $5 copies of past and present issues, plus Oatmeal merchandise up the wahoo: TOTE BAGS, mugs, bookmarks, and more!
– Tiffany Xu’s birthday!

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come party with us, so please forward this email to everyone you know! They will be welcomed with open arms and paraded around the room on pygmy ponies.

See you there,
Oatmeal Magazine, 
Oakland, CA