Moatmeal: Castles & Dragons RELEASE PARTY Oct. 30th at Awaken Cafe!

Good e’en, sirrahs,

Has it been one thousand fortnights or what! Verily, it is so. This summer, Master Oatmeal went feudal once again and lost himself snacking on blackberries and napping in the warm backyard brambles of the Oatmeal HQ Fortress. He rattled his adufe and sang sweet tunes to hazy golden dusks while his pet baby dragon, Alberta, snarfled and rolled around in the honeysuckle. But we hope you all know that it’s back to the inky old grinding wheel, friends, because — by our troth! We are setting the type for our SEVENTH issue, Moatmeal: Castles & Dragons, and we have SO MUCH EXCITING NEWS.

This whopping batch of heartily seasoned frumenty, a long time simmering, brims with poems about finding love in rivers and looking for a sense of place in watermelon patches. As usual, it will make you weep into your black gritty coffee and grin real big between mouthfuls of eggwich. We couldn’t be more thrilled to assemble and share this miscellany, and indeed, the time hath come, friends, for another riotous RELEASE PARTY! Our hugely generous friends at Awaken Cafe in Downtown Oakland have invited us back on October 30th at 8pm for an evening of open mic and fiery readings that will disembowel you and leave you hugging your new friends, laughing and crying for more. We’ll read, we’ll listen, and we’ll imbibe. AND, because October 30th is Halloween Eve, there will be costumes. Come sporting the Grendel outfit you used to wear to Old English seminar, and croon your bundle of poems about jousting and quail pie. Invite everyone you know! We can’t wait to see you and hear what you’ve been working on.

It may have been awhile, but we still know what you’re thinking. Why do my fried eggs always kind of resemble steamrolled bullfrogs? And WHAT have these indolent goons been doing for the past five months? Well, for once, we have satisfactory answers. We kicked off our monthly reading series, Breakfast for Dinner, in May! In case you haven’t heard or experienced the magic, Breakfast for Dinner is a cozy affair, hosted at Trisha’s or Claire’s house, featuring lively readings and mad snacks and refreshments and the most wonderful people. These evenings are commonly described as “a total delight and a half,” so be sure you add Master Oatmeal on Facebook and stay tuned for the next one in November.

Lastly, we’ve launched a fundraiser! Soon it will feature an adorable and elaborate video, but the page is still functional enough for you to donate dollars that will keep us printing and eating. Thank you for every little drop in our oat bucket. See you ALL on October 30th!

Moatmeal: Castles & Dragons RELEASE PARTY

When: Thursday, October 30 at 8PM

Where: Awaken Cafe, 1429 Broadway, Oakland, California 94612

(off of 12th St. BART)

open mic

$3 suggested donation

includes a free copy of the issue

(also, go fund us!)

Anon, sweet little hens,
Master Oatmeal & the Dragon Caregivers