Happy National Black Pudding Day from Oatmeal Headquarters!

Hello, ye olde friends!

We hope you all have been doing oatastically in the eons since our last correspondence. We’ve been steeping in the vat of your soupiest, most delicious submissions, indulging in the warm, hearty voices of today. Votemeal crafting is well underway, and we are so excited to announce that we will release it on November 7th, just after Election Day! Results will be in, and you’ll finally know what came of the Oatmeal Party this season. And you’ll have so many wonderful things to read!

We also have a web series about Master Oatmeal forthcoming. PBS badgered us about a documentary for months (for months!), so we finally agreed to let them flood our offices with their most distinguished camera folk. Stay tuned! It’s going to be out of this world.

But for now, here is a a recipe from 1588 for black pudding to tantalize (or nourish!) you:

And here’s a transcription:

How to make blacke Puddinges.

Take Otmeale and steepe it in sodden Milke, then take Hogges suet & good hearbes and chop them small, then put in fennell seed, pepper and Salte.

Mmm, one of our favorites in Oatmeal HQ this fall! It may or may not be the main snack at our Votemeal launch party. And, in case you were wondering what suet is, here is the OED definition: The solid fat round the loins and kidneys of certain animals, esp. that of the ox and sheep, which, chopped up, is used in cooking, and, when rendered down, forms tallow. (Occas. applied to the corresponding fat in the human body.)

We always like to leave you wanting more. Until November 7th!
The Otmeale Cookes