And now a brief interlude…

We’d like to turn your attention to a campaign that our Berkeley friends have been working so diligently on this past year.

Michael Newton-McLaughlin, Tim Maloney, and Shahab Najafi are behind the project City of the River Within, a film that raises awareness about urbanization in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. What started as a masters thesis project in the City Planning Department at Berkeley has turned into a full-blown feature length film.

As their website says,

The film bears witness to narratives of hope and conflict as graffiti artists, community residents, park-goers and activists labor to see a more vibrant, hospitable and equitable city. Their stories compel us to reflect not only on Vietnams’ self-determination and sustainability, but our own future in an increasingly urbanized world.

According to their current kickstarter campaign, they’ve already raised $1,275 of their $8,000 goal, which is their last push towards the final goal of $20,000 needed to complete postproduction. But this benchmark goal of $8,000 is drawing to a close on July 29, giving them less than 12 days to reach it.

We here at Oatmeal, with all humor and puns aside, think this is a project worthy of your attention. Plus, we think the whole kickstarter thing is ingeniously democratic and something that Master Oatmeal wholeheartedly approves. So take a look at the trailer, see what it’s about, and then makeakickstarteraccountsowecanaskyouforsomemoneylater.

Got that? OK.

City of the River Within from Tim Maloney on Vimeo.

To donate to the project, or learn more about City of the River Within here.