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March 20, 2012

ISSUE #3: Camp Oatmeal!

Ladies and gentlemen of Oatmealshire,

After crossing the treacherous sea, Master Oatmeal landed safely back to Oatmeal HQ and into our loving and outstretched arms. We laughed, we cried, and we secretly hoped we’d never see him again, what with all the post-production work he pushed onto us during the release of the last issue. But before any of us could open our sagging eyes and our cracked mouths, Monsieur Oatmeal bounced into his candy red Oldsmobile and drove jollily away, with pins on his chest and sunscreen on his arms. Where was Mr. Oatmeal going this time, you ask?

Why, he went to camp!

Just in time for the spring bloom, Oatmeal Magazine provides you with the perfect amount of sunshine and sundries that’ll make you ache for summertime. While you’re trudging through the showers in black and purple rainboots, Oatmeal Magazine chills by the pool, casually sipping from ice-cold mint juleps and laughing pretentiously, as such: “oh ho ho ho ho ho…”

Or, whereas some people may be tearing their hair up for the next job or test to come their way, Oatmeal Magazine has calmly bypassed that postgraduate career stress in order to do the most fulfilling thing a recent graduate with a BA in English literature can do these days: be a camp counselor.

And trust us, he’s in good company. In this issue you’ll find more poetry, more fiction, and more nonfiction than ever before (EVER. BEFORE.). So stroll on over to Issue 3 to go your way.

This just in: CAMP OATMEAL has burst from the e-publishing womb! And it is screaming to be read. The dames and I have endured quite a long few nights here in Oatmeal Headquarters – come celebrate with us tonight from 6-8 at the CAMP OATMEAL release&reading at Analog Books! We will enjoy some oaty wassails and treats and some of the finest storytelling! Bring your writing, your friends, and perhaps a pillow. (We might be napping backstage.) In any case, cozy up and read all of the wonderful works that have nestled their way into our THIRD issue!

March 5, 2012

OM Cordially Invites You To…

The third e-zine issue release! The past two issues have been s’wonderful, yet a little too internety for our tastes. For our third release, CAMP OATMEAL! we will be hosting a camp oatmeal party at Analog Books, Tuesday, March 20 from 6-8pm. Be there, be square, be ready to share your best/worst camp stories! Make us laugh! Make us cry! Make us silently chuckle as we shake our heads in sheer amusement.

Since there’s no actual paper release, attendance costs nothing, but if you’d like to partake in some sweets/drinks please bring some change to throw in our way. Also, join us afterwards for a beautiful and brute-iful afterparty at Oatmeal Headquarters, La Burrita (where we can buy pitchers and eat burritos).

We’d love to see you there. Bring friends, bring enemies, and bring an appetite for glutinous stories.

OATMEAL MAGAZINE invites you to
An evening of the third issue:
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Analog Books (Northside, on Euclid)

Aftergathering to follow at
La Burrita on Northside.
(BYOB, we also take donations…)

See the facebook event for more details:

Love and fiber,
Ladies of Oatmealshire