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January 31, 2012

Get your duffle and packing list ready: We’re off to CAMP OATMEAL!

Hellooooo, our dear Oatmeal Devotees!

You must have thought that we’d sheepishly slunk back to our origins in Scotland, but we have just been tussling with the postal service. The first draft of this incredibly informative, hilarious post got lost in the shuffle, so now we have to write this inferior substitute. Ah, fools! A postcard from your favorite editors should also arrive in the next couple of days. Our most profuse apologies for the delay, we know you all have been so anxiously awaiting our return to internet land. But here we sit, ready to discuss the import/export of oats and, as always, to read and publish your scribbles, quips, painterly stories, blistering memoirs, and drool-drenched recipes.

Our third issue will be themed CAMP OATMEAL. All things outdoorsy are welcome! Poems about a cyprus tree with a knot that looks like your dad, accounts of tentless camping in a rain forest, a recipe for the tastiest bowl of oatmeal you ever lapped up after a morning dip in an icy river. Or go for tales of summer camp and friendship and romance, all those embarrassing moments – projectile vomiting your split pea soup at the lake, rolling in mud to receive care packages full of unsalted Brazil nuts… Send it all our way! Anything you got, fiction or nonfiction. Even the forlorn letters that you wrote to your friends as they sang and bonded at camp and you stayed home to feed your grandma’s cat, Noodles.

And continue to send us things not camp-related. A bowl of oatmeal is nothing without a swirl of miscellany. Join us ’round the campfire for some soulful, atonally belted songs and the obligatory oatmeal stout. Our deadline is February 26th. We may also have a release party at Analog Books in the works. Stay tuned! And patient, as always.

Our final hot bit of news is our second flash (non)fiction contest! Guess the theme. No, guess again. Okay, okay. It’s Camp Oatmeal! Go wild! Go campy! Write your heart out!

It’s wonderful to be back. We won’t leave you hanging like that ever again. Master Oatmeal really struggled with the separation anxiety. We did, too.

Can’t wait to bundle up with you all under the starry, open sky,
The Dames of Oatmealshire