Bare away from the oatless gales, OATMEAL AT SEA HAS WASHED ASHORE!

Master Oatmeal here, reporting to you all once again. Boy, has it been a while! And a busy while at that. We’ve had a hot and treacherous couple of days here at Oatmeal Headquarters, from steaming presses to sparking computers, emotional breakdowns to delirious, caffeine-induced jubilant cries of successful hyperlinking. And we’ve been confined, hunched over in the close, close quarters of the great Oatmeal Schooner, all to produce this fine bundle of mishmash oatmeal – a hodgepodge of steel cut and rolled oats, flax meal and hemp seeds, peanut butter and cinnamon, honey and apples. . . Anything and everything that makes a bowl o’ oats hearty and essential to start your morning right! And a magazine to make your day, every day.

As an apology for our long absence and to celebrate the new issue, we are revealing Oatmeal Headquarters to the public this Friday at 5! Perhaps I will even make an appearance. Come to La Burrita on Euclid – there will be merriment, discussions of all things literary, but mostly not, pitchers of beer (that we sadly can’t subsidize), and Mexican food. The first 75 participants will get a limited edition Oatmeal bookmark!

Without further ado, the second issue: Oatmeal at Sea.