Testing the Mixed Media Waters

It’s time for you all to come up through the hawse-pipe, our dearest, oatiest deckhands!

Oatmeal Magazine is about to rock the literary magazine boat. We are blogging here today to offer a nautical music video of inspiration, one that will guide your sputtering tugboat through the fog to its snug, cozy berth. Michael Litwak, a third-year film student at NYU Tisch, has bestowed upon us a chest of Oatmeal at Sea gold. Collaborating with Santa Cruz-based band The Nocturnes, he wrote and directed this haunting video of a boatswain imagining the wild life, perhaps of his former days, aboard and tumbling about tumultuous waves. Fantasies rise from muck and settle back into the mire of his troubled mind for this beautifully eerie song “Cradle”.

Keep up the good work, Michael!

Remember folks, Oatmeal at Sea is on the horizon! SEPTEMBER 18TH — send us your yarns, stay tuned to your maritime radios.

Your most loyal skippers — through delusions, swamps, and beyond,

The Oatmeal Dames