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August 11, 2011

Ahoy, Swashbucklers!

August 2, 2011

Back from Vacation

Heyello, oaty people! We’ve just spent the past couple of weeks recuperating from the first issue release, reveling with Mr. Oatmeal in his most extravagant ways — lolling in the Caribbean sun, drinking Bahama Mama Sunrises from excavated pineapples and twisty neon straws, slurping oatmeal stout from each other’s bronzed navels. A tropical slice of heaven. What a life our noble mascot leads. Who could have seen such zeal for karaoke behind those lacy cuffs! That monocle! 80’s ballads are his specialty.

But, alas, now that we have returned several shades darker and thoroughly massaged, we must face a grittier reality: one of the enshrouding Berkeley drizzle, the looming, sopping wet cloud of the school year, the unwavering pressure to live up to our first issue. But have hope, dear friends, Oatmeal will light the way. We will nourish you, we will please you, we will wrap a blanket around your shoulders to keep you from catching cold as the leaves change color and our second issue, Oatmeal at Sea, nears. It will be the best autumn of our lives. Especially if you warm us up with a trough sloshing and steaming with the gruel of your most soul-nourishing, whole-grained writing and doodles.

Here are some future projects we have lined up:

1) The next issue’s deadline: Now that we have our first issue published already, we’re timing our next so that you actually have a chance to write for the magazine! The submission deadline will be September 18th, with more information to come.

2) The Oatmeal Tour: As the new semester starts, Claire and Trisha will be presenting our magazine and submissions deadline to English, Comp Lit, and random other creative writing classes. But help us not be pigeon-holed! If you have an interesting class with a laid-back professor, do e-mail us with the time & place so we can show up there too.

3) Bathroom publicity: The best kind of publicity. It’s a surprise, but we will say that you might find the idea of camping out in campus bathrooms pretty tantalizing once they’re spruced up with some fine cultural entertainment. . .

4) Podcast!!!: A really wacky idea that may actually work. Since we can’t really offer you an issue every month (we learned that quickly), we endeavor to fill the awkward silence between issues by making podcasts, about breakfasty things, of course. Our first podcast is going to be released on September 2nd.

5) Release party and FUN-raiser: Let’s face it. Mr. Oatmeal’s pretty broke. But Mr. Oatmeal also likes to party. So we’re going to host an Oatmeal party and bakesale in early October. Somewhere that’s really hot and happenin’. Come and join the fun!