Our first flash (non) fiction prompt: ORIGIN STORIES

Greetings, fellow lovers of warm cereal, fun, and all things oaty and wholesome!

We’ve been celebrating Bloomsday here at Oatmeal Headquarters, or mostly just drinking Guinness and brainstorming for the future of the magazine, our plans for a brighter tomorrow, our dreams and aspirations of going platinum in the realm of college zines. We’d like you all to test out our first flash fiction/non-fiction prompt while we, too, get started mashing together this nutritious, delicious, gourmet slop of a journal!

To cultivate and entwine our (contributors and editors) two seemingly different paths–or plots of the most fecund soil erupting with oats!–at the same time in the same place, you folks should cook up some origin stories.

They can be quick jottings, like those mornings when you wake up late and need breakfast and you pour instant oatmeal and hot water into a plastic bag. It happens. And can be pretty delightful! We dig all flavors and phases of oatmeal. And if you want to let it simmer for a little while, that too would be very warmly received.

Here’s where ya submit! We’ve included a list of suggestions that is far from comprehensive.

Full of chocolaty stout,
Ladies of Oatmealshire

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