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June 17, 2011

Our first flash (non) fiction prompt: ORIGIN STORIES

Greetings, fellow lovers of warm cereal, fun, and all things oaty and wholesome!

We’ve been celebrating Bloomsday here at Oatmeal Headquarters, or mostly just drinking Guinness and brainstorming for the future of the magazine, our plans for a brighter tomorrow, our dreams and aspirations of going platinum in the realm of college zines. We’d like you all to test out our first flash fiction/non-fiction prompt while we, too, get started mashing together this nutritious, delicious, gourmet slop of a journal!

To cultivate and entwine our (contributors and editors) two seemingly different paths–or plots of the most fecund soil erupting with oats!–at the same time in the same place, you folks should cook up some origin stories.

They can be quick jottings, like those mornings when you wake up late and need breakfast and you pour instant oatmeal and hot water into a plastic bag. It happens. And can be pretty delightful! We dig all flavors and phases of oatmeal. And if you want to let it simmer for a little while, that too would be very warmly received.

Here’s where ya submit! We’ve included a list of suggestions that is far from comprehensive.

Full of chocolaty stout,
Ladies of Oatmealshire

June 4, 2011

Launching a Magazine: Shootin’ the Sh**

Hey, Trisha here.

We’re really excited about the launch of this blog/literary mag, and we’re glad you’ve come to join and watch this electrifying attempt to get an online (and offline-ish) literary magazine up and running. I say electrifying not because this process is going to be particularly exciting or spectacular, but I say it because Claire and I don’t really know what the crap we’re doing. And given our award-winning personalities (less like Sonny and Cher; more like Piglet and Eeyore) and partiality towards clumsiness, who knows–we might indeed be electrified along the way.

Claire and I met in a creative writing class at UC Berkeley, and have been dreaming about a literary magazine ever since Claire wrote a shockingly hilarious piece about a woman who finds self-love in the ears of her rabbit-shaped vibrator. You see, we envisioned a magazine that wouldn’t think twice about publishing stories like this (even though it should…). The magazine we dreamed about would be full of hilarious fiction, seriously quirky essays, passionate odes to fruit, and more. It would be a receptacle for our most embarrassing marching-band-locker-room sex stories, 2003 livejournal rants, middle-school hopes and fears set stolidly against the anguish and loserdom of today. We want to write (and read) about the things we do in our daily lives, magnified to a sarcastic and an endearing light. What’s beautiful and true, and also ridiculous.

So how do we go about this? Well, hell if we know. As I write this blog entry, Claire’s busy drawing our logo and illustrations. I’m writing a goal-timeline doodad. We’re figuring out how to make ourselves into an actual campus-sponsored org. We don’t have any money but we have lots of ideas: we’re thinking of posters, oatmeal-eating contests, anonymous joke boxes, anything and everything! We’re dreamin’ big and starting really small.

Pretty soon we’ll be moving to a more official website domain. In the meantime, if you subscribe to this blog, you’ll get your literary fill, and you’ll be notified about our mini-contests from time to time. (Exciting!)

If you’d like to write or report about something you care about, some new event or book that fills you with joy, then by all means e-mail Claire and Trisha at and we’ll share it with the world. We aren’t that special, but we do have heart! And that’s all that really matters in this tiny vacuum of a wordpress blog, now, isn’t it?