Finally, a literary magazine for the faint of heart! Rather than those uppity literature students with fake British accents and penny loafers.

We at Oatmeal Magazine are looking for your crudest doodles of coffee shop strangers, your most heart-wrenching ballads about spilt cereal, your story ideas, jokes, and whims that you drag beyond the proverbial line, frolic with, harass, and beat into their graves. We want your grit, your fervor, your wit, your flaws. Serve us your words on a platter of steaming flapjacks moist with the butter and syrup of your seething genius brains, and we will throw them back with a mug of scalding black coffee, fueled by our raw desire and keen editorial eyes.

Editors and contributors will form the heartiest connections as we constantly satiate one another’s salivating palates: Send in your work to assuage our appetites, and we’ll publish a magazine to satisfy yours!