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May 12, 2011


Have something funny, fun, or embarrassing to say? Or perhaps some old (or new!) writing — fragments of adventure stories, memories of your childhood pet goats you’ve woven into a poem, melancholy high school journal entries, noted aspirations just lying around, waiting to be heated up and garnished with brown sugar and raisins? Maybe you’re wondering what in the WORLD you can do with your mixed media collages, photos of your most (or least) exotic meals, or obsessively detailed line drawings of wrinkly hairless cats?

We want ’em all! Sort through your figurative (or literal!) box packed to the brim with fiber-full oatmeal potential that may lurk in the back of your closet, and cobble something together. If these bits of yours have yet to be stuck in the slow cooker at all and haven’t come to oatmealy fruition, that’s okay, you have time!

Give Oatmeal your grits! Submit by July 4 for our first-ever issue!